Wednesday, February 15, 2012

0 Lawyer

I have finally gotten myself a lawyer...
He has worked with patient lawsuits for over 15 years. He has also worked with NPE, so he know how the system works.
His name is Roar Bolæren Ellefsen, and he works for Sandgrind/Ellefsen.

He was the lawyer I liked the most, and who seemed most honest. He didn't promise me a lot, and he said that I had a foundation that I should get some money for my injuries.
He also said that he didn't got involved before NPE had come to a decision, because he is not a doctor or a specialist, however if the verdict was negative, he could help with the appeal.

But there is a lot of bad lawyers out there. Some see dollar signs in their eyes. One actually said that he had a no gain, no pain policy, so If I wouldn't get any money he wouldn't get paid. But NPE pays for my lawyer, and I have already won, I just need help with calculating the amount. so why should a lawyer get 30% of my compensation??? He was denied from my list.
Next law-firm was so big that I wouldn't even get a lawyer, only a associate. I want someone who will work for me, not only to collect my fee, but who cares for the person behind the paycheck, and some of the big law-firms thinks how a case can help the firm rather then the person. Thats how I felt it. I didn't even got to talk to a lawyer, only the secretary...
And then there is the overachiever, who said I would never have to work a day in my life again...
Thats not really what I want to hear.. I do hope that I will get to go back to work one day.. and it not like I don't want to work.. I cant,, big difference..

The good part about this lawyer that I have chosen is that it will only take me 10 min to get there. and if I have a bad day, he will come home to me... And I also belive that chemistry has a lot to do with it. Lawyers are only humans, and if they like the person they are representing they will go that extra mile. No matter how professional you are, we will all do a better job for someone we like..
I am looking forward to sharing more as the case moves along ..