Friday, July 29, 2011

0 MY Oslo, My Norway

Today I was is Oslo to look at my city. I also wanted to pay my respect to those 77 people who died, the 100 that got hurt, and all those who lost a spouse, friend, child, sister, mother brother, cousin, grandparents and grandkids.
I feel with everyone who has been affected after this horrible terrorist act and massacre of young kids.
This is my rose as a respect, an empathy to those who are left behind:

This is the enormous mountain of flowers, Flags, and candles. They have had to close down a street. But this craziness gets you to realize how tragic this massacre was!

This Tree headed statue symbolizes for me the man that did this terrible attacks. He is a "normal", "Insane", "nonchalant" attitude afterwards. I hope no one will ever want to hear his version, and that he will be in a isolated cell for the rest of his life.

 One thing is clear, our little nation has come together. its no longer them or us. its Norwegians!

There is a lot of damages to the surrounding buildings

The Prime ministers office was covered in plastic.

The civil defense is visible all over Oslo, Thats not everyday that happens.
 Oslo is covered in flowers and especially red roses. For those of you that don't know that much about Norwegian politics, her is a crash course:
The prime ministers party is the labour party, and their symbol is a red rose. The attacks last Friday was at the labor party's head courters, and the youth organization of the labour party that was on Utøya. And to show our solidarity, we cover the country in roses, and flags that is the biggest nationalistic suggestion one can give to show unity! 
  This is outside our Parliament. And at our Parliament we have a hill that is called lion hill : and at the bottom of this hill is two Lions. 


 This is the wall beside the town hall. people have put flowers in all the cracks and holes in the wall. This looks even more stunning in real life.I was lucky that I didn't now anyone that died. If I had been a teen It would have been more likely that I would have known somebody.
But that doesn't mean that my hearts doesn't bleeds with you. My hearth aces, and I wish I could do more.
I know I am not in a position to help rebuild Utøya, or help in the grief process to those who are still here.
I have always been a girl that helps everyone, and everybody. If someone needed it, I would be there.
And I hope I one day can be there for my friends, family and the kids at red cross Oslo homework help.

Is there something this attacks can do for the Norwegian people is that we need each other, we need everyone, and we need us to be open for our differences, and embrace our right to be free. We have the right to be whatever we want. You can even be a criminal, but that will get you thrown  in jail. But what I have learned over the last week is that even criminals has an honor codex, and they are together with us on the outside in this horrible time.  
I have a dream, and my dream is that we will keep our open society. We will embrace our differences, and we will keep fighting for peace- but in a peaceful way. I dream that we will put down our guns, fly our combat aircrafts home, and drive the humvees back to Norway and honor the lives that has been lost because one man wants an armed revolution. He will not get it! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 Our small country.

This are the lyrics to the song: Norwegian:
   Mitt lille land
Et lite sted der en håndfull fred slengt ut
blant vidder og fjord
Mitt lille land,der høye fjell står plantet mellom hus,
og mennesker og ord.
Der stillhet, og drømmer gror.
Som et ekko,
i karrig jord.
Mitt lille land,
der havet stryker mildt om rygg,
som kjærtegn fra kyst til kyst.
Mitt lille land, der stjerner glir forbi og blir et landskap når det blir lyst,
mens natten,
står blek og tyst.

My little country
A small place where a handful of peace thrown out
among the plains and the sea
My little country, where high mountains are planted between the house
and people and words.
Where silence and dreams grow.
As an echo,
in barren soil.
My little country,
where the sea gently stroking the back,
who caress from coast to coast.
My little country, where the stars slip by and become a landscape when it is light,
while at night,
are pale and silent.

0 We nee each other

 I don't understand why everything in this country is canceled??
We who are left behind need each other. we need festivals, summer tours, a barbecue and dance away the grief oat the disco.
We need a rose ceremonies every Monday, for the rest of the summer.
This isn't a time to be a lone. This is a time to be together. Cry, laugh, sing, dance, grief, or just be silent together.
If you want to be active- there is a lot of things that need to be build up again after the terrorist act. Go to Utøya and help rebuild it, If you don't have the health to do that. Donate money if you cant donate time.
 either way, do it together with others. We are all affected with this horrible actions. Don't go through it alone, and if you need someone, call the red cross local branch, or other charities that can help you to get through this.

Monday, July 25, 2011

0 Our Terrorist --- But it is our inclusive society

All ore Norwegian terrorist wants is to be heard, that his opinions will be spread, and thats his philosophy will be put in motion.
What I hope is that no one will listen. his trial will be behind closed doors,he will get 21 years and 5 years forvaring ( this is for the most dangerous prisoners, and this can get extended for 5 years, every 5 years, and that means life in prison).

I hope that when he gets to prison is that he will be beaten everyday, and fu&(/ed everyday by a huge guy. And after a while he will be put in isolation for his own protection, and there he has to sit for the rest of his life, knowing that nobody listens to a single word he says! I hope he will feel as small and dispensable as he has tried to!

 And 3 days after, what he wanted are already started to happen, but in a different direction then he wanted. We had a minute of silent for a minute at noon.
And it was so silent in all of Norway, the only thing that was heard was the sound of nature, and its creatures. Norwegians and foreigners are crying together, holding each other, and unifying us as one homogeneous people.
And by being a more open non racist people.
I know I will never judge by color, religion, status or appearances.

I hope that my small country will be seen as beautiful, thoughtful, anti-racist, helpful, peace promotion, humanitarian, conflict resolution people... Because thats how I see all my friends and family

Sunday, July 24, 2011

0 Let us love each other, so that the evil in this world will be destroyed by kindness!

A little piece of Norway

The past few days, has been surreal for me. I always thought that Little Norway was safe as we were the country in northern Europe, and that other counties are more likely to get attacked.
Maybe we became terrorist survivors because we do go in between and become mediators and try to make peace.. After all we are the country with the Nobel Peace price!

What Is more apparent is that terrorism isn't a radical Muslim from the middle east. No a terrorist is a "crazy" man with a clear ideology, that can only be done by killing as many as possible.
What I am terrified by is that he could go undetected bye the Police Security Service. If you Google "how to make a bomb" for 200 yours over 2 weeks should raise some safety questions? And then he rents a farms and byes 6 tons of fertilizer- And 2 weapons- why don't they put two and two together?

 Me and my boyfriend discussed this a couple of weeks ago, that if you Google certain things like making a bomb would alert the police, an we talked about getting around it. But the police need to now see that the internett can give you a lot of clues too whether a person can commit a terrorist act.

So we can keep our " open" society, and that skin color, and race is not a an indication to who's will become a terrorist, Hitler was a white guy with blue eyes, and 50 years later its a white guy with blond hair and blue eyes that are terrorizing the Norwegian people again!

Now we have the Norway before 22/7 and after. I hope that we will get an even more socialized country, and a people that will stand together and help one another. I will close with the words of Helle Gammestad :
"If one man can show so much hate, think how much love we can show together"

Friday, July 22, 2011

0 Bomb in Oslo

I live in Oslo, and today I was sitting and watching TV and thought that it was thunder and lightning outside.

But no, this time it was a bomb who went of in the government district.
I remember 9/11, and London and Spain, but I never would have imagined that Norway would be nr 4, and the largest after 2005.
And thats not to be "better" than others , but we do live up north, and we are covered with water on almost every side.

I hope that the causalities will be at a minimum, and my hearth goes out to all of u affected by this.

And if that is not enough, a person with a gun went to a youth summer camp and opened fire. This is just a few km from where I grew up, at Utøya.
 This is surreal. feels like all hell has broken lose in Norway.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

0 Do I ever Learn?

Today I accepted a spot at the bachelor program for history at the university at Oslo.
I don't know how this will all play out, or that my confidence in finishing the program is smaller then it used to be.
But I am not ready to give it up just yet. I need some "reality" to hang on to.
I am glad that I was a good student in high school witch means that I could become almost anything I wanted to.
Hopefully I will learn more this time around..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

0 Dentist

I am in a worldwide group of people that truly, and utterly hate or are scarred to death by the possible need to seek out one.
Today I was.. and to holes in ten years are something I am proud of. But while I am lying there and the drill is making this horrible sound inside my head... Then I thought:: now is the time to start day dreaming, or I am going to panic.
But the dentist was a very kind young man, who was humming the hole time.. I don't now if that is to sound the patient or a irritating habit he had.. but it got me to start thinking of movies, warm summers days, lessons at  the university and being with friends and family.. Its a start.. now all I need is to turn the dream into  a reality

Monday, July 4, 2011

7 From beginning to Death

When all this started I was so worried bye how people would see me. That I was a good person, a polite one, that wants others to like, respect and to be the same to me.
But now, all that insulation have been stript away, and all I want is to be free.
Free to live a worthy life, with family and friends. In the end thats all that matters. how you lived you're life, not how long you lived....