Sunday, October 14, 2012

0 The lifecycle of a phone...

My dear old HTC phone, has lifespan has come to an end the last few months.
Phones has the life expectancy span of a butterfly. Can it really last more than a year? Its not about growing old together, being there through bad times and the good  times anymore. I remember my first phone (Alcatel One Touch), we were like best friends, and I loved it, and hating that I had to remember the phone number to those I texted, But I was just happy that I had one.
The life span of my new, old HTC desire has been accelerated into a bratty toddler who doesn't want to do anything, just freezes and stay there. doesn't want to cooperate at all.
The next month it has become a teenager. Its starts to ring my ring melody for about 10 seconds
every 5 min for 24 hours, until I turned it of, but you cant really get a teenager to shut up can you, because you cant live without a phone. And when someone is calling you ignore it,t thinking that this is just another power play!
But a teenager becomes a adults over time, mine phone did so to, after we removed the teenage software and installed a more simpler grown up version...
And for the summer that seemed to work perfectly, but at soon as you say that word (perfectly), the phone starts to get senile.
You don't get messages or phone calls, and it forgets to send texts or to leave the telephone number when it rings.
And I can only defend it for so long until those around me don't belive me. They think I don't answer the phone, or forgets to return any call etc.. So then it all boils down to, me or it??

Last week I had to crawl all the way to the store and buy a new phone.
I bought a brand new factory sealed LG optimus 4x hd. And even after fearing I will repeat myself, the screen is huge. I say that every time I get a new phone, when is to big?
I remember at the beginning of 2000, the phone were so small that you almost couldn't write because the keys were so small, even with female hands. It looks a little cheaper then the HTC but after I get skins on and Screen Film Protector, I think this will feel almost the same!
I aways says its not about how it looks on the outside, its all about the inside :)
I am not really a fan of new phones, never has been.
There used to be a 2 months learning time and a manual bigger than the Bible that must be plowed through, until I was comfortable with the new phone. And that was like that even if I bought the same brand.
But now android is basically the same, so it is pretty easy to get into.
My problem is that I hate to have keyboard keys on the phone, I liked better the numeric keypad.
But those days are over... But isn't it always? The world doesn't stop turning just because I want it to...

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