Sunday, December 16, 2012

1 Healtcare, bureaucracy and capitalism, what a unstable melting pot

When is pain no longer manageable?? How much pain should a person endure to get help?
Can you really be honest with you're doctor? What do they see when they see a person with chronicle pains?? hypochondriac, junkie, psychosomatic, anxiety? Do they see the person? really see them? or do they just look for the easiest diagnosis??
I have been on pain meds reduction for 2 weeks, the first day, didn't feel it, but when the bad days came it was harder than I have had in a long time. the good days became the days in the middle and the bad days became a nightmare..
So my dilemma is: If I had called my doctor to soon he would have said I had to give it a try before I can say it didn't work, but buy waiting I could establish a pattern witch for me gave me a lot if insight in pain patterns, but then the doctor can say, but you hang in there so we sill call it a success and keep going with the reduction in pain meds...

So what do you do, when all you're choices will get you the guillotine?
The almost funny part is that I don't want to use meds if I don't have to. It was the side effects of drugs (Voltaren®) in the first place who got me in this position I am in today. But as long as they don't treat my primary conditions, I will never be able to get of the meds, no matter how much the doctors tell me to toughen up and get through it....
It is time to actually take time to address these issues. No medications are only  beneficial, all have terrible side effects, but sometimes the pro outweighs the risk. So why are opioids so stigmatized?
Someone will always abuse the system. but that will never change, and they are few, and those you need it are many!
It can not continue to hit people who have massive medical problems! They need support, sot suspicion!

There is a problem when the government owns the hospitals, but try to make money on it, as long as we have free health care, there will always be a money drain for the government.
We must also begin to see humans, not get bureaucracy mixed into the healtcare system. Efficiency in the health sector will be health care downfall, because when people are working with people,you cant stir the capitalism into the pot without catastrophic consequences.
Should we execute all the sick people in Norway to earn back the money that the health care has cost the Norwegian government?

I get dark when I am in pain, but I also alow myself to ask the nasty questions, all the questions you dont want an honest answer on. because sometimes you need to try to make reasons on unreasonable actions from those who are sworn to do no harm, and those representing the people in the Parliament...

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  1. It is not the fault of the profession of doctors, it is due to the people who have joined that profession and just say to the people that, Trust me, i am a doctor,. A totally memorized line that they learn in the very first lecture of their medical class. I do not trust those doctors anymore and go to osteopath if I have some pain in my joint or in any part of my body. He helps me a lot in getting out of that situation.