Wednesday, October 31, 2012

0 Multidisciplinary meeting

I have for a long time felt like a burden to the health care industry of Norway.
This week my doctors, psychologist and physical therapist had a multidisciplinary meeting.
Of course the doctors at gastrolab didn't even show, they had nothing to say, nothing new there.
I had hopped that they would have come up with a few brilliant ideas...
For me that State University Hospital at all agreed to this meeting was a surprise. It's something we've been trying to get for several years. but perhaps we should be glad that it happened at all.
My physical therapist said that the doctors sat and gaped

Thursday, October 18, 2012

0 Existimo ergo cuncta tueri debeo suus

"I think, therefore I am ". Does this mean that we are superior?
Do we really know what other animals are thinking? just because we can't communicate with them doesn't mean that they don't think.
Descartes may have come up with the phrase that have stuck

Sunday, October 14, 2012

0 The lifecycle of a phone...

My dear old HTC phone, has lifespan has come to an end the last few months.
Phones has the life expectancy span of a butterfly. Can it really last more than a year? Its not about growing old together, being there through bad times and the good  times anymore. I remember my first phone (Alcatel One Touch), we were like best friends, and I loved it, and hating that I had to remember the phone number to those I texted, But I was just happy that I had one.
The life span of my new, old HTC desire has been accelerated into a bratty toddler who doesn't want to do anything, just freezes and stay there. doesn't want to cooperate at all.
The next month it has become a teenager. Its starts to ring my ring melody for about 10 seconds

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

0 Please doctors, begin to smile....

Olsen, a frp politician said on his blog that while there were only approx. 1900 new FTEs with doctors, it was three times as many bureaucrats in health care system.
In addition did VG report in 2009 that in total  there were more bureaucrats than doctors employed by Norwegian hospitals.
This is what I have felt for a long time that doctors