Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2 Happy holidays

I hope everyone have had a nice holiday, and celebrated with the ones that you love.
I got the best Christmas gift when I got the letter from the patient injury compensation, from with I was successful in my case against the hospital...
I have felt like David Vs. Goliath for 2 years now. And finally, I got some good news.
I hva e had terrible luck all my life, and finally when I am handed some more, it iis the hospitals faults, so they have to pay for it.
This quote tells it how  I have felt:
“People Cry, Not Because They're Weak. It's Because They've Been Strong For Too Long.”

I wish everyone still a happy holiday, and remember,, Life's short, make the best of it, while you can

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

3 Finally A Victory worth Celebrating...

I have been crying for half an hour now, Its the first time in a couple of years that I have cried happy tears!
The verdict is in.. The Norwegian patient injury compensation has come to the conclusion that I am entitled to compensation and that the hospitals are responsible for my current state..
I will get money for lost income over the last 2 years, and for what I will loose in future incomes.
They will pay for medicine, physiotherapy, doctors, and transportation.
If I get a permanent medical disability of at least 15%, then I will be compensated for the loss of "social life" and the exclusion from society because of the treatment injury.
They will also pay fro my lawyer so that I can get help with this. I will probably not understand half of this and a lawyer will help me get  a fair compensation.
But It would probably take a while before we reach the finish line.

I always new I had a strong case, but still, you always wonder, and I feel like the world has been lifted of my shoulders. I don't have to worry about the future anymore. I know that I at least don't have to be up all night worrying about the future. I will never get my life the way it was, but this will help me get a normal as possible life.
This was really the greatest CHRISTMAS GIFT I have ever gotten. What if I hadn't won the case? Then 2011 would have been my worst year.
I am still in shock, I still cant belive that I was right. It wasn't my fault. And now I know that we patients can win against a system that favors doctors over patients....
And thanks to you out there who have supported me, and listened to my pain, anger and now relief. It has meant the world to me.
Hopefully we will begin a new adventure in 2012, and see if I cant get the help that I now know I am entitled to!

0 Dear Santa.....

What do I want for Christmas??
Health care for everyone, everywhere!
Health isn't just for the rich, or the privileged. It should be what we all get.. The right to live the best possible way!

Dear Santa. For me Christmas has always been about being together, and putting our differences aside.
A time where our differences are put in a positive light. we're all humans and we all need  good times in our lives. Christmas represents to me
It doesn't matter what religion you have, Why cant a Buddhist, Muslim and a Christian sit at the same table the 24 December and share a good meal together??
Humans are pack animals, we would never survive alone. we need other around us.
Instead we are killing each other in the name of religion, power, money and hatred for one another, its the fear of the unknown, that drives us. we need to educate our self so that we can understand why other people do thing differently from oneself.
I think it should be mandatory to live in another culture than you're own for a year.
The only way we can tear down the walls, is to see each others as humans, not for what they look like or where they are from..
We need compassion, understanding and empathy, that the only way we will be able to stop the killing.
Thats my message for this Christmas. smile to every person that looks at you, show compassion to others that are struggling.
We need to empathies the war out of this planet!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

4 Pain Clinic.

I have now been at the pain clinic at the University Hospital.
They always talk big words, but i wonder if they will do anything.
They are more interested in being a good coworker than putting the patients first.
They said they now would like me to try cognitive therapy, and hypnosis, and would call my psychiatric nurse, but they haven't. I would be surprised if they had.
Second they said my family doctor should sent me on a second opinion to Haukeland hospital in Bergen.
But again, my family doctor hasn't gotten the summary, or gotten a hold of the doctor, so then she does nothing!
Third, my family doctor wants the pain clinic to assign every aspects of my treatment from them,But they don't see why they should, they think my doctor

Friday, December 2, 2011

3 Flu sick...

I have been out of business for the last couple of weeks. I have been blessed with the Egyptian flu.
Not fun. Fever for 2 weeks, and trowing up yellow and green mucus is not a good way to go into the Christmas time.
As i have said before i Love the pre Christmas time, and hate that I cant enjoy it fully.

If that was not enough, rikshospitalet canceled my last appointment (what is new?), so I am first going there next week.
Hopefully this will get them to really do something about my situation. I am not giving in until every rock has been turned.
On the other hand, my new doctor is a big train who wont take any bull from anyone, and I like that. its good that someone is there to help me and understand why I get so frustrated..