Saturday, July 21, 2012

0 GOD vs. NOT GOD??

God doesn't give you more than you can handle. What a creakily hoarse shit..
If something good happens it is Gods work. Something negative and it is the human race that are corrupt and flawed.
If God is real, and he made us in his image. than he is a very flawed man himself or woman.
I will also claim that we are defective.
All we do is kill each other for money and power... Did he ever try to send us back
as defective goods? Its like you are trying to create something good, beautiful, but all you get is mashed up parts that doesn't taste the way it should, and no matter how much you try and save it, you just make it worse!

If he really was in heaven why would he create so many illnesses, starvation, and destruction on this earth?
And why did he kick Adam out of eden for eating an apple?? If God created us he created Adam, so he would have known that Adam would eat that apple!!
When I take a look at the world today, and have the powers that God has, I could not just stand bye and watch us hurting like this....

We all know that when Christianity came to Norway, the church introduced taxes, so they could increase their power. and nobody had the guts to stand up to them even if it meant death.
If a priest tell you that if you don't pay the church you go to hell.. And hell is forever, You're time on earth is limited from their point of view.
Thats our biggest weakness, we are to smart for our own good, and we are scared of the unknown, the road we must all take- death.
I understand that people need their faith, they need to belive that there are something more, and I respect that, but I think in 2012 that faith should be a personal choice, not a public one. It is our right to belive, but also a right not to.

But a thought that has haunted me since I was hooked up to a respirator, was death.. But it wasn't death itself I was afraid of, it was the people I left behind.. The once I love who I couldn't comfort, tell them it is all right. don't stop living, but start living for me!
 "greed and fear of loss are the roots that lead to the tree of evil"-unknown.
Don't fear what you cant change, start living while you still can :)

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