Monday, November 29, 2010

3 kicked out

Today i got the boot from the hospital. they said i couldn't stay there anymore and were very rude towards me. They are also starting to cut my painkillers because if “i just think that it won't hurt it won't hurt”. the same as always… They don't believe that this pain is real, and worst of all how really fucking crippling it is to have this illness.
You can never imagine it before you have gotten it. I have been sick a lot in my life, but this illness is not even close to being like anything i have experienced in my life. and they think it's just so easy to live with! they are more worried about the side effects than actually trying to help me.
And the less they can help, the meaner they get to you. doctors hate to "loose" and will never admit that the patient sometimes knows more about their own body and about the disease. we have read everything there is to read, i doubt that the doctor have done the same. even one doctor suggested a treatment for me without even reading my journal. how fucked up is that? Can we even trust doctors anymore?

So here i am, lying in my own bed. having a lot of pain and no were to go, no were to turn, because if they can't treat you. you just get sent home to live in a pain hell the rest of your life.  am 29 years old, I always thought that that was a little early to give up a person, and judge them to live like this. not being able to function. but i was wrong again. they do pretend to be gods with people's life. why not use it for good instead of evil?


  1. Hi. My name is Julie Anne and I am from Minnesota, an american, who married a nordmann and now I live in Bergen, Norway. I just began reading your blog and had to comment. You are not alone. We shall share horror stories of pain, but will be good supportive friends to help each other. Look for more comments to come.

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  3. Hi Julie Anne. nice to hear from you :)
    You are not alone either, I am here to share, support, comfort :)
    I am Alexandra and I live in Oslo, and have almost my entire life, and I love this old city.
    How long have you lived in Norway?? Whats you're condition?? hope to hear from you soon again :)
    hugs Alex