Saturday, January 14, 2012

1 2 Years, 2 months, 5 days and 1 hour.........

Its been 2 Years, 2 months, 5 days and 1 hour since I was rolled into Surgery!.
Everything has changed around me, The only thing that has stayed the same is me.
I am still the girl I used to be, I laugh at the same thing, I get sad but don't show it. I love clothes and reading, but cant do what I love.. But I still love it and dream of the day that those things will be a big part in my life again.
I have always loved movies and tv shows, and I still do. I have even seen shows I didn't think I would like..But I did!
What I miss most is traveling. we loved to travel to new places several times a year.

2 weeks before the first surgery, I went on a trip to London by myself, and went to museums, to the west end show We Will Rock You, and they had a special exhibit about Henry the 8 in, around and outside of London.
I love History, and I would have loved to  take a few classes in London, on Great Britain's history!
I look forward to another trip, but i want my boyfriend with me.. Why go through life alone? Its better to share the experience with someone. As good as London was, and the opportunity to do what I wanted, when I wanted, Its better to share that experience with someone who were there.Thats how we connect to each other, by having shared experiences.. You can go through memory lane with someone, only if you have shared you're life, and all what life has to offer, The good, the bad, death, birth, sickness, love, work, hobby's, traveling, laughing, fighting and understanding that we all struggle and that we all have baggage that define who we were, were we are going and who we will end up becoming!
But I think we all should try a trip like that once in our lifetime. It is good to learn to like you're own company, to see the beauty of the world through you're own eyes, without someone else's input, and a few days alone gives you the time to put yourself first. You also learn that you can fix things alone, and talk to people you wouldn't have if you weren't alone, It builds you're confidence! Parents should be sent on a time for me trip once a year,
Maybe I should send my boyfriend on one?? He has a child on the couch each day !

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  1. I am opposite. Since coming to norway I have wanted to travel. I told my husband, IF this surgery goes well and I can be discharged we are booking a flight somewhere. My sister is giving us a whole week in europe at our choosing. We only need to book the flight and pack our luggage. Pain or no pain...we are going. We almost had to get married at haukeland but I managed to get well enough to get out long enough to get married at the courthouse in bergen.
    We need a vacation/honeymoon/just time alone! This SHALL happen thanks to my sister's generous gift. :-)