Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1 Happy new year... Why not Goodbye shitty 2011??

Why do we always hope that the new year will bring more love, money, happiness, children, job opportunities, traveling, better health etc??
Why do we only hope once a year???
How about doing it every Sunday? Next week, I am going to find my dream job. I am going to stalk my doctor until he helps me. I am going on 7 blind dates,
Its better than not going at all, You won't find someone sitting at home and hoping he/her will show up at you're door..
If you want more money, find a better job, get a better education or  play the lottery. but I do not think there is such a thing as easy money

As for happiness, You want know what it is until you have been miserable... But if you are unhappy now, there are only one way to go and thats up :)
I have a lot to be thankful for.. But we humans are made to see the bad easier than the good.
I use so much of my time being angry for what has happened to me, what If I used that on being grateful for what I do have??
I guess I am one of those who think If I let it go I loose, that the doctors have gotten away with ruining my life. But I know I only hurt myself, But anger is such a powerful thing, and not easy to let go of.
Are you ever honest with yourself what you are feeling?? I lie to myself all the time.
I think 2011 beside for a few things was a shitty year- and thats the gods honest truth..
That will be my new years resolution - Be honest with me, I are only hurting muself!

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  1. Good news year plan!! I agree with every word you say. They made the mistake(s) and then make us suffer from their fault. I almost died a few times and I honestly think secretly they had wished I had. They say I am the ONLY one in Norway who ever got this medical problem and so we are all learning together how to fix me. There is no one to ask, nothing to look up to research on the internet, not one medical case like mine to compare to. Now I know just how alone I feel and how scared my husband and I have this past year.
    I also have 3 adult children in the USA and family who have worried the call would come that I had died.
    I pray too that the remainder of 2012 will bring me to better health, less pain, return to my home, and better quality of life.
    HUGS Julie Anne