Monday, January 30, 2012

0 Big Change..

Since the time I first got sick, I thought it would pass, I was sure of it. I still think that I will get better, or find a treatment that will help me.
Until then, we have to make our life as easy as possible. And comfortable.
So we have swapped our living room with our old office. And we have made half of the office into a dinning room.
We have also bought a new couch, but we have to wait 3 weeks (Can hardly wait 3 days)
We have sold some stuff that we didn't need, used, had room for etc.. We have also sorted through our stuff and thrown away what we don't use, or need anymore..I cant hope that my life will go back to the way it were..
I have been looking back for 2 years. Its time to look forward. I am not saying its going to be easy, and I will not give up. But I cant live in what should have been.
I am probably still going to cry, be mad, curse and scream in pain, but with a little help from cognitive therapy and psychiatries maybe I can start to see a future???
At least I hope I will have a future.. that is filled with more than anger and pain..
Pictures will come soon :)

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