Monday, April 9, 2012

0 Placebo...

I read an article in a Norwegian female magazine "Kamille", where they had looked into the research on why the placebo pill can be a painkiller etc.
Our thoughts have a direct impact on the chemistry of the body. Placebo Effect is thus very real.
Professor in psychology Magne Arve Flaten have researched the placebo effect for years, and he thinks we should call it anticipation effect. The anticipation are activating processes in our body.
researchers thinks the explanation is very closely related to stress.
If a person with severe pain are plagued with stress, fear and uncertainty, and that can increases the pain.
Similarly, a person who believes that he/she gets help with the pain, reduces the stress experience and perhaps less pain.
placebo effect can thus be explained by the fact we relax when we think we have a pain killing substance, allowing the body morphine to be excreted .
I know I relax more after I've taken ketogan, although it has not begun to work because I know that help is on the way.
Researchers have found out the reason the placebo helps is because you think it will, and our thoughts and feelings can affect our physical body.
If they could have made a sort of placebo pill that actually made the body its own morphine so that you're body will give you just the right amount of painkillers, would be an amazing breakthrough.
Trick you're body to handle the problem instead of putting a lot of pills in you're body that has serious side effects.
Think of all the things I could do again. I could drive, remember again (that what is my biggest personality trade, I know a little about everything, and I have a good memory, so I have been grieving over this lose).

I don't care what makes the pain go away, If a placebo could do that, bring it.
After only a few sessions with my psychologist I see clearer than ever how the mind and body work so closely together. I have always belived that you need to treat both, but this makes it even clearer.
Do you really care how a pill work, if it will relive pain ??
Placebo has become this stigmatizing word, but I think we should look into it.
Some studies show that patients have gotten a significant better health by placebo, although it should not have been possible without conventional medications. So I say that maybe we should change the name of the pill and view it as a positive medicine instead of "deceive" drug to see if you're one of those who stupidly got  deceived and got a huge medical effect of a placebo pill ..

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