Wednesday, October 31, 2012

0 Multidisciplinary meeting

I have for a long time felt like a burden to the health care industry of Norway.
This week my doctors, psychologist and physical therapist had a multidisciplinary meeting.
Of course the doctors at gastrolab didn't even show, they had nothing to say, nothing new there.
I had hopped that they would have come up with a few brilliant ideas...
For me that State University Hospital at all agreed to this meeting was a surprise. It's something we've been trying to get for several years. but perhaps we should be glad that it happened at all.
My physical therapist said that the doctors sat and gaped
when she said how hard I was to training, and that I met up every time and gave it everything I had, and I was eager.
One may question why should anyone else have to say what I already have said ? When will they believe my word?
My psychologist said the same. I show up, work hard, at the office and her home, and that the only right diagnose is pain phobia .
Yes i have anxiety and on the way out of a depression, Things are going the right way, never thought I'd be saying that.
Is actually fantastic to think about. But as my  psychologist said, I came in for a minor surgery and came out disabled, there is a transition and a loss you have to work through. Grieve the life you lost as build the life you have been given, or stuffed down you're throat!

Riksen ( State University Hospital ) on the other hand, say I do not fit into the time frame that the bureaucrats has set as a maximum treatment time at the hospital. The word disclaimer has been in my head for a while, but now I feel like that world has come to life!
Their goal to get me of pain medication, a pretty one-sided only seeing the drugs as the antagonist, has been to discontinue treatment at the hospital and I hand me over to my family doctor.
But after much pressure from my family doctor, the pain clinic agreed to treat me beyond the limits set by the authorities if I continue to go to physical therapy and my psychologist.
It seems trite to me, I must stick to a treatment program I have set up?? Had it not been for me I hadn't gone to a psychologist or a physical therapist. why would I go against that now??
So what was the conclusion of the meeting? Pretty much nothing but all the same floating in the opposed to pain medication river...

What strikes me the most is: why has the government set a maximum time for treatments?
I am not the only chronic pain patient who need lifelong follow-up? Why do we continue to put age and money on the same shelf as treatment?

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