Tuesday, October 9, 2012

0 Please doctors, begin to smile....

Olsen, a frp politician said on his blog that while there were only approx. 1900 new FTEs with doctors, it was three times as many bureaucrats in health care system.
In addition did VG report in 2009 that in total  there were more bureaucrats than doctors employed by Norwegian hospitals.
This is what I have felt for a long time that doctors
have to answer to  bureaucrats and lawyers. Its more about protecting the hospital then it is to help patients!
Klassekampen also reported that the time spent on a patient is falling.
Currently, hospital doctors use less than half of their time to treat patients.
It is remarkable that despite a large increase in the number of bureaucrats in the health sector, doctors must still do more bureaucratic work than previously.

Something is wrong. why called it a health care system if the majority are bureaucrats?
I don't get where we lost our way. We are humans, we should want to help one another, care for each other.
Instead we are throwing people under the buss so we can save a buck. cant we fire 90% of the bureaucrats, and use that money to actually heal people?
I have been plenty mad a doctors over the years, but if I had 3 people with no medical background telling me how to do my job. Then I would also become a grumpy person with no passion for my work.
So for the first time in my blog history, I am giving this one to the doctors, you need to be free to do you're best artistic work so all those in health queues could begin to smile again, and perhaps the doctors to.
Smile is infectious and infection can sometimes be a good thing!!

pic: http://constitutionclub.org/2012/05/28/what-bureaucrats-know-that-you-dont/

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