Thursday, October 18, 2012

0 Existimo ergo cuncta tueri debeo suus

"I think, therefore I am ". Does this mean that we are superior?
Do we really know what other animals are thinking? just because we can't communicate with them doesn't mean that they don't think.
Descartes may have come up with the phrase that have stuck
with the human race for almost 400 years.
I think it should have been something like this: "I think, therefor it's my responsibility to protect all living things". (Existimo ergo cuncta tueri debeo suus)
I think we are arrogant if we presume that we are special, we are nature running it's course, like all things, we live, then we die, but  it's what we do in the middle that matters. having children, love, see natures beauty,from the calm seas to the erupting magma, and caring, treating everything with respect and empathy.  It's not a human thing, it's natures way. And we should respect it, because one day, we will not be the intellectual superior race, and then all we will wish for is to be treated with respect and not like an intellectual lesser race.
I always say, try to see it from their point of view. How would you like to be forced to live like something you aren't? to reproduce with someone not of you're own choosing?
I no I can't  say this with a 100% conviction, because we all may have a glimpse of the "dark" in us. but I always try to understand where someone is coming from, to see there side, to walk a mile in their shoes, or hooves.
I am a philosophical person, I need to understand, and I see connection where no one else does, I say that makes me special, but it can be that I am a raving lunatic.. who knows,, thats what I want to figure out....
And thats what I think life is all about, embracing the crazy, with compassion, knowledge and tolerance sprinkled on top..

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