Wednesday, June 1, 2011

0 My Doctor, Old Doctor, New Doctor, Happy Me????

I am so fed up with my family doctor. She wrote me the wrong prescription, and thats not ok when it is medicine that I really need. But it doesn't stop there. I called her up but she is on vacation so I had to call back on Monday, and then they could give her a note. why couldn't they do that when I called so she would get it right away when she got to the office. But the secretary was so rude to me, so I was in shock.
Well then I looked at my new appointment, and don't you think that that she gave me a date in August in stead of June!
So now I have changed my  family doctor. I need a doctor that is healthy enough to fight for me, not the other way around. I need a doctor who is present at her work, and not having so much personal problems so that she isn't in her past, when she needs to be in present.

This is the new Doctor I am getting Friday, and I am exited, because a new doctor is a new pair of eyes that maybe sees this illness in a another light.
I called today. I was on fight mode, as I am used to fight for a appointment a month from now.
Anyways.. I said I had esophagus spasms, and the secretary said that.. Then you need a appointment soon, So can you come on Friday at 9:30 am??
I was in shock.. I usually have to cry,and make a seen in order to get in that day, or I have to wait a month..
This is new for me... And in the future.. I don't have to be scared when I call my doctor. I like it.
Lets see how I feel after Friday ;)

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