Monday, October 31, 2011

6 Mondays should be about hope, and the future

I always loved Mondays. A new week, new possibilities, new friends to make, and coworkers to laugh with.
No its is just the start of another bad week, with no glimmer of sun rising up from the horizon. No coworkers, and friends are not something I have the strength, or health to see every day. Maybe one a week.. So it is eight. sickness causes isolation, and isolation causes depressions, with make you isolate yourself..
How do you get put of that circle when you are still sick?? nothing to fight for other that fighting the illness itself??


  1. I think is important to get out so you will not get too much isolate which in turn leads to a large depressions
    maybe you need more help to talk about your feelings?
    I know how tough life can be to struggle with anxiety and depressions!!it can get you so far down into a black hole which are often difficult to get up again:(
    I hope everything will work out for you and I would like to wish you good luck

  2. I have a psychiatric nurse who comes and talks to me once a week.
    It is hard to be sick and keep the mind from slipping into depression, but I am dealing with it because I want to be more than my illness.
    I hope everything will be okay too, and tanks for honest words, I need that :)
    Hugs Alex

  3. But does the psychiatric nurse work? do you feel better?

  4. Yes I feel that it helps. she has a special degree in dealing with sickness and post traumatic stress.. It helps me look at my situation from the outside, and how to manage the situation I am in.
    She also helps me how to talk to and understand why and how my family and friend react to me and my illness..
    Have you ever had help from a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse?? any good tips in how to deal with this??
    hugs Alex

  5. I dont know its hard to cope with depression,important support of everyone around and do things you enjoy is important, I think.
    I talked to a psychologist and I think it was a great help:)Good Luck

  6. thank you. I know this sounds lame, but it is nice to hear that I am not alone, and that there are others out there dealing with my same issues.
    best of luck to you to, and I am glad that you found help. Hope you're life is going upward again :)
    Hugs Alex