Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 What about the 999.999 of us???

Why do we discriminate in the 21 century??
If you are over 35 you won't  get a breast reconstruction from you're own tissue, and if you do get around that age you have to wait for 7 years?? Or pay a hundred grand  from you're own pocket.
And what about all those volunteers from Utøya who doesn't get any help? They risk their life with no other reward than jeopardizing their own life. The least the Norwegian government can take care of them??
Is health care only for the rick people? I thought we all regardless of finances deserved to get the best medical help available..

But no matte how you became ill, it is just as devastating to that person. You're life gets torn upside down, and its no more fun that it comes from you're body, malpractice, or external components.
But we all deserve the best treatment, but some are just lucky if they get treated at all.

The other thing. we need more stories of people who are struggling, and who has the guts to say that it is bloody hard, and I want to give up. Not all of those sunshine stories. They don't help, I feel more depressed after reading suck a story. I feel like a completely failure.I spineless woman. Why cant I fight like this? Why cant I find a ancient remedy that no one has thought of, and have the world strongest psyche??If you are sick, you need someone to tell you, you are not alone, it is normal to be depressed, not come to terms with you're condition after 2 months, and not to do everything you just to do. Its not always in the mind.
Not all of us, can just get up after a trauma. and we need proper guidance, not sunshine stories that happens to one in a million. what about the rest 999.999 of us?


  1. The rest of us say...fuck the rest. Until they walk in our shoes say nothing. My anger is there, under the surface. I wish for it to not explode out.
    I have no happy stories to share. I read and am happy for some.
    But people like you and I have no choice. We must go on. But I do not understand how in norway it is expected that I accept this hell or give in and head to a park and join the ranks of drug addicts. My doctors think I live that life regardless! Or ......love my husband enough NOT to commit suicide and keep living. 40 years I have lived with pain. When is it time for me to say...let me go, I have had enough...

  2. We think so alike that it is a little scary... Life long pain isn't a sunshine story. It is hell on earth..
    But I think if we use our experiences for good, maybe we can change how people think, so that does who comes after us, will be met with kindness and understanding, instead of being treated like a criminal junkie, and a parasite on the society, who wants "easy" money from Nav..