Thursday, November 24, 2011

0 When did the patients become the bad guy???

How is it that when I as an patient makes the doctors accountable for what they have done, and I come out of it as the bad guy?
We who don't take no for an answer are seen as difficult patients. When did it come to this? that the patient is being hang out to dry, why the doctors can focus on their carriers and promotions?
And us who want a dignified life is seen as problem rather that seeing us as champions who are fighting the fight of our life to get a "normal" life as possible?.

When did the health care system goes from putting the patient in the high seat to being suer rats with no rights, and doctors can play goods, and taking the cases that will further their career rather then helping a sick, scared patient? As a patient we can be demanding, unreasonable, self centered etc, but we are not the professionals. and facing a illness can make the best of us do unreasonable things. Its not easy being trapped in a broken body.
But the professionals should know this and try to motivate, than making us feel bad for being sick, like its our fault..

Why do we have a health care system if its just to further careers than healing patients, or making their life bearable??

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