Friday, August 31, 2012

0 NPE A JOKE.........

NPE is a joke in my eyes this time.
The doctor who operated on me the first time he gave me 50%  medical disability here in March, that I didn't  accepted.
He could say that he thought I was 50% disabled before I was operated, even though it was just covering his own ass. while he did not follow the table when he sat my disability at 50% .

Now another specialist  have come with a new assessment of 100% medical disability, but it seemed that NPE think this is too high, and that since he follow the table when he sat the disability. The NPE made him adjust the % down to 70.

What's the use of specialist declarations if the NPE determines % anyway? And why do they accept a non table, assessment but not another? Aren't the NPE there to protect the patient?
I feel they are there to save the state money and lawsuits.

I'm glad I have an attorney who refuses to give up and give in!he was up late last night and, help me and give NPE hell. But I can safely say that has in no way improved my confidence in the system. Quite the contrary.
Why have a system if the poor, small people gets screwed??

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