Monday, November 12, 2012


I know, the 1 rule of getting a lot of readers on you're blog is to be happy, enthusiastic and positive.
I don't have that many happy days, and cheerfulness over  a new lip gloss or the new fall line as the pink bloggers.
I dont post 3 notes a day, and when I write I want it to mean something, feel my emotions with me.
Me, my life has been pretty dark this last few years, but to have this blog has been a savior, because i can let it all out, raw, damaged, painful and sometime a good day...
My mission in starting this blog was that I wanted to reach
someone else, maybe get them to not feel alone.
Esophagus spasms are rare when it is crippling as I have, but decease is crippling no matter where it is. its a universal, transcending through borders and languages. If you are sick, you can relate.

And most decease are hidden, you cant see them, and thats weird because we talk so much about living with it. But it more believable that you will get a decease that cant be seen that one where you will.
I hope my blog will show a curve where my postings will be filled with hope instead of despair, fulfillment instead of nightmare, love more than anger,pain and loss...
But it should be ok to also say that I am not happy. life isn't a sunshine story, it is life, in its most barbaric way.
I didn't start this blog to make money or to to have 10.000 followers. I wanted the voice of us forgotten, those who society cant help to get a voice..
I hope I have reach someone out there, and if I have this has been worth it. even though I might be on the other side of the world I am still here.. on the other side of the screen.
Isn't that what blogging is about? reaching someone else, paying it forward, sharing our life's, good and the bad? finding common ground, despite of religion and miles apart? Not to feel alone in a world that never falls asleep, where 24 hours in a day is 24 hours to short? internett is where we feel connected, and those who are confined in their homes because of disease. This is a place where you can feel like a part of society again..
What good memories have you got from the internett? One of mine was when I pushed the button, and my blog was created. It felt like the start of an era, of something good. getting my voice out there.
Is there a memory you would like to share?

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