Thursday, September 27, 2012

0 Rule of Law, then my law...

Means predictability, fairness, equality and impartiality in the proceedings.
universal principles of fairness, morality, and justice that transcend human legal systems.

I was at my Lawyer today. And that was an interesting meting.
He told me that because NPE has made rulings about my medical disability by phone, that this is in volatilization with rule of law.
I don't know what they talked about, if NPE was leading the doctor or "asking" the right/wrong questions.
But in our outstanding society is that there are nothing you can get them on, because I am not entitled to compensation if they have violated my rights. At least not through NPE.  horrendous if you ask me, but who ever asks a patient?
That means they can do whatever the hell they like, and if the patient/lawyer
sees it, then maybe they will change it, in that case...but what about the rest?
My lawyer said that if they where to go in court every time NPE did something wrong, then he wouldn't have time to actually help with the current cases, that he was hired to.
This neutral NPE who are there to protect the patients. No they have a quota of how much they can give out, so they will try anyway to get the compensation as low as possible..
One needs to balance everything right, not to be run over by the "state". It feels like little me against the government I am suppose to trust. who I pay my taxes to!

And what I reacted even stronger to was that NPE has put my esophagus spasms as my underlying condition, and not a illness because of wrongful treatment..
They know how to get what they want. And that I was operated for GERD, that has somehow slipped their documents..
This is starting to become a principal thing for me. right is right. Its not about the money, its about someone taking responsibility for what happened. Its about telling the government that I don't accept that this happened to me, and that it shouldn't happen to anyone else.
Of course the money will help, I am not so altruistic that I don't want any compensation for what has been done to me.
But my hearth breaks more knowing that people will have to go through the same as me because the government sees through all the pain they have inflicted in people who belive that they are in good hands.

Who can we trust, If the people who are there to protect their citizens doesn't? You don't have a country without a people......

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