Monday, December 24, 2012

0 Christmas eve in Norway.....

Rib Christmas dinner

For me in Norway it is the evening before Christmas eve...
In my family we eat rib roast, the meat is grounded one more time before the meatballs are fried, as are the sausages that are extra thick, sauerkraut, red cabbage, potatoes with parsley, and cloud-berry cream for dessert..
But in more resent years my mom and sister has began to make another meal: pinnekjøtt.
On top of that my mom loves rice pudding, so she makes that to.. I could have sworn she was feeding half of Africa population...

Isn't that always the problem when to people create their own family, their holiday traditions crash!
so how do we solve it, where goes the compromise?
for me rib roast and Christmas tree smell gets me in a Christmas mood. I don't like rib roast all that much, I always get exited over the meatballs that my mom make, half ground beef, and half ground beef grounded on more time.. They are absolutely amazing. maybe because I only get them once a year!
The pinnekjøtt smells awful,like foot-sweats smell on steroids...
My favorite se she knows how much I love it.

We also opens the presents on Christmas eve. We open only one at a time so we use hours to get through it all. But Christmas eve is the one day a year my mom says; we don't have to rush. Its the one night a year we slow things down and just be together..
Cloudberry cream
We also go around the Christmas tree every year. And thats fun, and very nice to move you're body after that heavy Christmas dinner.
We have Christmas booklets with all the Norwegian and some foreign song, translated into Norwegian.
So we tend to take a verse of the most famous songs, and it's always fun, especially after a few glasses of wine, beer and aquavit... And if it start to become a winter wonderland  into the evening, its alomst like you are looking at a painting in motion. Its breath taking, and making me appreciate our climate, even though some will say we live a in a cold, almost harsh climate.
Rice pudding
But you got to love the good as much as the bad.... But tomorrow I want to be in the present, who knows what will happen after that...
happy holidays....

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