Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1 I want everyone to be blessed with what they need, not what they think they want...

I have all thees dreams I want to realize; being a teacher, creating and organization helping people who have esophageal diseases,support groups, volunteering for the red cross, starting boutique where I can sell smart interior.
I have come to that realization that I need to help people. I am happiest helping others, it gives me purpose, and I am selfish that way, I want a GOOD purpose for my life!
When I was a homework teacher. I swear, that volunteer job didn't pay anything, but that gave me more,
than the people i was helping. It has been my most fulfilling job to date.

And at Christmas time, its so easy to be selfish, wanting material things to give that moment of happiness, but there are so many things we can do to help someone else... That can give happiness more dept, and keep the happiness longer than just a blink in the eye!
We must help each other, not only in the poorest regions of this world, but in our own community. reach out and give a little of you're time, or money so someone else can use more time to help those who need it.

Since I was a child my Christmas ritual is that I have to give money the salvation army, who always stands and collects money by the Christmas tree on University Square. It makes me think of someone else, than just how much I spent on presents and clothes, food and everything else that the holiday makes us obsess about.
It makes me see others, and see how privileged I am, and make that moment about something more than you and me, Its and idea, an altruistic hope for a better tomorrow!

I dream of a future where greed, capitalism, and politics are second to humanity, that everyone will be safe, have a place to live, and enough food on the table,universal healtcare, also education for all, regardless of where in the world you are born, and under what circumstances you came into this world.
We need to think more about all living creature on this planet, not only profit, when all comes to all its always about the 00....(as long as capitalism is in play)

In December (2011) Norwegians used 8.6 billion $ in Christmas shopping.
Can you imagine what we could have done with that kind of money?? that is enough to feed millions, give medical treatments to thousands of sick humans. educate the young so they can get the knowledge to help their themselfs.

I feel lucky when I think of all those who would kill for a bowl of soup. I feel blessed that I don't have a medical bill in several millions of $. I feel blessed that i get disability pay from the government.
I feel blessed I have a home, clothes on my back, I feel blessed I don't have to starve. I have a great boyfriend and a family.... I have everything, while others have nothing.

And it makes me sick to the stomach. I want so much to help, but my health problems stops me from it.
But I can light a torch, opens someones eyes, do what I can with the resources I have.
I dream of the day I can go in and help them myself......Isn't that the spirit of Christmas??

But cant we share the wealth the rest of the year to? Humans starve every month, not only in December.
December only shows us that this materialistic way we are living isn't ethical anymore, it's egocentric at its strongest, we push away our responsibility and pretend it doesn't exist.
If we had spent two hours a week, and taking those hours from facebook time/internett/TV, and used them to help someone else, imagine how much we could have achieved??
But the only way we get there is together.... fewer people have managed to turn around the tide for something they belived in. A revolution comes when people are sick and tired of the political bullshit we are being fed..

For me its all about those humans/animals who don't have food, work, home,clothes and no hope, Thats the worst thing you can do to someone, take their hope......We NEED to get that back!!!

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