Friday, December 21, 2012

0 Merry Christmas and more.....

ho, ho ho.. I wish you all a merry little Christmas, Hope you will surround yourself with those who matter to you, and not what...
The saying : "in the end, all you have is yourself" is a load of BS.... Every where you go ,everything you do is based on someone helping you. teaching you to read, talk, flying you to your destination, cleaning you're room, giving you a job, approving you're loan application, making the food you eat and the clothes you wear.
You don't live life alone, you're life is a world turning, and you are the
grease that makes it go round, because if you didn't buy that food, or that ticket, then those people wouldn't be able to live their life..

We are all connected on a basic level, we cant survive alone, we are pack animals, social beings, and there is nothing wrong with that.
Isn't that why we are always talking about natures way.. because many feel they have lost their way? Or wanting to rediscover it?
All I know is that Christmas, Hanuka, Ramadan etc reminds us about traditions, culture, our way of life and the road to death.... But the holidays are about forgiveness, being together,alive, and thinking of those you love that are no longer here.. letting the good memories free flow in you brain like a montage of the happy times you have shared with you're family!

Every year around this time,I think of all those who have it worse than me, so that I can appreciate having a bed, food on the table, a hot apartment and a warm shower. Thats a hell of a lot more than a billion other people.. But still I long for more. but will more ever be enough?? Or is it an obsession of someone who has everything in life but unable to see it?
And every year I hope that more will be just what I need.....

Merry Christmas, and my thoughts hope that you will get more of what you need.... and less of what keeps you from getting to where you dream of going, or need to go but cant see the road :) happy holidays
And I leave you with the only add who has every stuck in me, and Christmas isn't coming until I have seen heard this song. and when they changed it a few years back, I wrote an angry letter, but it hasn't seemed as they took that under consideration :(

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