Wednesday, December 21, 2011

0 Dear Santa.....

What do I want for Christmas??
Health care for everyone, everywhere!
Health isn't just for the rich, or the privileged. It should be what we all get.. The right to live the best possible way!

Dear Santa. For me Christmas has always been about being together, and putting our differences aside.
A time where our differences are put in a positive light. we're all humans and we all need  good times in our lives. Christmas represents to me
It doesn't matter what religion you have, Why cant a Buddhist, Muslim and a Christian sit at the same table the 24 December and share a good meal together??
Humans are pack animals, we would never survive alone. we need other around us.
Instead we are killing each other in the name of religion, power, money and hatred for one another, its the fear of the unknown, that drives us. we need to educate our self so that we can understand why other people do thing differently from oneself.
I think it should be mandatory to live in another culture than you're own for a year.
The only way we can tear down the walls, is to see each others as humans, not for what they look like or where they are from..
We need compassion, understanding and empathy, that the only way we will be able to stop the killing.
Thats my message for this Christmas. smile to every person that looks at you, show compassion to others that are struggling.
We need to empathies the war out of this planet!

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