Tuesday, December 13, 2011

4 Pain Clinic.

I have now been at the pain clinic at the University Hospital.
They always talk big words, but i wonder if they will do anything.
They are more interested in being a good coworker than putting the patients first.
They said they now would like me to try cognitive therapy, and hypnosis, and would call my psychiatric nurse, but they haven't. I would be surprised if they had.
Second they said my family doctor should sent me on a second opinion to Haukeland hospital in Bergen.
But again, my family doctor hasn't gotten the summary, or gotten a hold of the doctor, so then she does nothing!
Third, my family doctor wants the pain clinic to assign every aspects of my treatment from them,But they don't see why they should, they think my doctor
should just Referring me to physical therapist. So then nothing happens.. when is the day that someone will take charge over my situation??

Fourth, they would like to try a Qutenza patch on my lung scar that will numb the area for 2-3 months. It can be very painful so you have to get local anesthetic, and constant supervising from a nurse, I hope that will help, I really do.
As the medication, it doesn't look like there is going to be a change this year. I said I would love to discontinue all medications, and pick up my life again... Why is the doctors shocked by that statement? Do they think that patients like to be sick?? I know I haven't meet anyone who wants to be sick!

Fifth, they said that my last manometri showed Gastrointestinal hypermotility (excessive movement of the involuntary muscles).. But what this means treatment wise, I am not sure, but is shows that my muscles are in overdrive.. But I still don't know why they don't want to treat me? Or gotten an answer to why they canceled the botox in September??
I have never said that botox is the only way to go, I just want a treatment. I am no doctor, but it seems like I know more about different treatment then my doctors..

Maybe thats the problem, That me and my boyfriend are to strong, and know to much about my condition, so that the doctors feel threatened, and don't know how to deal with a patient that knows all the angels of her disease.. Or they don't know how to treat me, so they lay the blame on me, so that they don't lose their reputation, and than they don't have to say, "we don't know".

I hope more will happened now, than it has the last year, I have been 4 hours at a pain school, the tens unit, and one manometry. Thats not even one thing each quarter, Is it no wonder why I don't have much faith in the system??? I hope everyday that someone will come along and and prove me wrong, but as each day goes by, I loose more and more hope, and I hate that, for the only thing a sick person have is her hope. No one will fight if they have no hope.. So please, someone out there - send me hope


  1. I send you Hope for you

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