Thursday, March 22, 2012

0 Acceptance 2012

If you are sick in Norway, you are seen as lazy. If you fight, you are living in a fantasy. If you give up, you can just as well roll over and die, because then there are no use for you..
And if you try to be a part of the workforce, and fail, you are week, no backbone.

Why do we label sick people like this?? aren't we human? Do you  think that anyone wants to be sick?? Would you rather be sick, stigmatized or work and feel part of the community??
I know my answer. hell yeah. I work my ass of for a future that may never come. I dream of a live that is slipping away. I love, I cry, and I celebrate those around me when they do something good.
But who celebrates for the sick? who gives them a boost to keep going?? Where is the understanding??
We say we are a united people, but we are not. we are selfish, little greedy people that care only about ourself.
I am that way to. I think my situation is so much worse than everyone else's, but who am I to judge??

Al those happy updates on facebook, are they happy?? or are they crying when writing it, to scared to tell the honest truth??
I hope we can learn to accept each other, because otherwise we are doomed to make all the same mistakes again. If there is something history has thought us is that we never learn, we say we do, but we don't. Its just in a new rapping.
Just because something looks right doesn't mean it is.And a wrong dont make a right.

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