Tuesday, March 20, 2012

0 After new years.... right????

My doctor at the State University Hospital told my family doctor that they would have see me more often and work faster for a solution to my problems, and that I would get a new appointment right after new year.
I called today to ask if they had forgotten me or something, because it has been over 3 months since I had been there, and usually I am there every 3 months. I got a date 17 of April(4 1/2 month since last time), so more helps in Norway means less. they said I was high priority, so how often goes the low priority, every 3 years?? No wonder people are on sick leave long in this country!!!
  If the waiting list on the pain clinic is getting longer, you have to build it out more, not down. They have enough patients to be open 8-16 every day, not 8-12. 
Second I was suppose to get this new treatment on my lung scar that was to begin in December 2011. Today they told me that the procedure hasn't started yet, but only after I called and asked why nobody had gotten back to me??
That was part of the excuse for not getting an appointment, I was on a wait list for a procedure that hasn't started yet, so then I didn't need follow-up on my other problems before that, but when this treatment is starting knew her little about. So if I hadn't called I wouldn't have gotten an appointment on god knows how long.
Health care on its best.. You have to love capitalism and politicians and economists that running public health care right in the ditch. Almost wonder if it's on purpose to get privatized health care, nothing surprises me anymore..

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