Monday, March 26, 2012

0 Patient Ombudsman

I have the last months been in contact with the patient Ombudsman to see if they can help me with my rights.
They have been in contact with a specialist in esophageal cancer because my diagnosis is rare, and he has worked with this for 40 years.
He came up with the same conclusion as the NPE that I never should have been operated on at all. He said from my journal alone that you could see the subtle signs of something else than GERD.
The fact that Nexium  didn't work proper in high dosages, and that I was in pain. In a lot of GERD patients the pain usually gets worse with food and not random.
He meant my doctor should have followed the symptoms for a longer period and taken several manometry to rule out any underlying esophageal dysphagia before they had recommended surgery.

I must see the conflicting diagnoses as what I have always said: Doctors will not agree, everyone has their opinions, and and they are right (each doctor).
Its a little life philosophy, as long as you can argue about something, you are not wrong. the truths maybe bent a little, but they cant be catch in a lie.

Anyway, now they are going to look at my rights and see if I can get TREATMENT in another country, for Norway will never be the center of the universe when it comes to health, and treatments of illnesses that are a little rarer than bad backs and sore throats.

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