Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1 Maintain the rights of patients, not just for the doctors!

I have felt like a helpless person in my fight against "the system".
I say the doctors aren't the problem they are the symptom. The problem is higher up. they let the doctor do what they want without repercussions. And the patient isn't the main focus anymore!

Did you know than when a doctor wrongfully treats a patient, they will always consult with a lawyer and their trade union so they find a medical formulation so that the doctor will not be held accountable?
It is a type of camaraderie between doctors, the health care and the different public offices in Norway.
In 70% of cases the public offices win, does that ensure the patient rights?
In addition, wrongful treated patients is not recommended to get a lawyer
because this is not "necessary".
And to file a civil lawsuit, you must pay for expert testimonies, approximately 6.000 $  per specialist. How many sick people can get that sort of cash in a few weeks notice? And thats on top of the expenses for a lawyer.
If you are sick, you often have a reduced income and increased expenses for medical bills, medicines etc.
So is becomes a David vs Goliath paradox.
Doctors have the government backing them, and covering their expenses for the experts testimonies that they need. They have the best lawyers working to win.
It seems to me winning has more to do with who can use the most resources on the case then what the law says. Why else do they win so many of the cases, even when there is proof that they have broken the Patients' Rights Laws ???

I understand that physicians shouldn't lose their right to practice if unfortunate things happen that no one could have predicted, but when it happens repeatedly, and a pattern begins to form, then one should be held accountable for it.
You have to be held accountable for you're actions in other profession, so why shouldn't doctors?
It seems that in Norway you have to sexually abuse 16 patients  before you lose the right to  practice medicine..

In addition, there is such an arrogance among many doctors as if they are untouchable.
They can do what they want, say what they want. and if the patient disagrees, then it's the patient's fault.
If they fail to find a treatment then the patient (me) suffers from one of this things:  withdrawal, addiction or psychological!
Its a little baffling to me that if the doctors cant find out what is wrong, it is the patients fault. It can't be that they haven't find the right diagnosis, treatment, or cure? And why are doctors incapable of saying: I don't know, we don't know how to help you at this time? anything is better then feeling like you have done something wrong!

When did this era start where the patient have to convince the doctor what is wrong?  rather than the doctor finding out whats the matter?
I have to find medicines, and treatments on the internett and in medical journals and sending it to my " specialist". shouldn't he know what medicines are out there and what they are used against?
And one the other hand I am psychotic because I don't trust, or belive they know everything? I know they don't know everything, and they have almost killed me, and ruined my life, if thats psychotic, than I am a lunatic hands down! But so are thousands a thousands of those who have been wrongfully treated, so maybe they should start building a lot of mental hospitals, because we are growing in number every day!
Isn't that what they teach you in medical school? Or do they have classes teaching you have to be arrogant, condescending, and how to lose you're humanity, empathy and understanding before you can get certified as a doctor??
I wish I could go back to the place where I belived that healtcare didn't judge, where their one mission was to give the patient the best care from A to Z. But the cold reality is thats its all about the 00s: Money,Statistics, and  numbers..

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  1. Wow this article is such an eye opener. I was almost put in a position where I was offered to undergo a surgery that wasn't necessary in my type of illness. If I hadn't opted for a Doctor's second opinion, I could have lost a kidney in an unnecessary surgery. But if that was to happen I'll be sure to hire the best Arizona malpractice lawyers. I noticed that some Doctors, not all, take advantage of patients who are not familiar with medical malpractice laws; thus, it is important to be fully aware, not just about patient right, but about the law in general.