Thursday, November 29, 2012

0 2 YEARS...

This is where my blog saw the day of life, in bed in a hospital where no doctors had any idea have to fix me. It was the first picture that was taken for what was to become Life with dignity!!!
Even though I am in hell I feel blessed.
This blogg has been a platform for my rage, sadness, fight and resignation for my illness.
I have been able to do research on this subjects and share them, hopefully to someone who has needed it.

My love and tanks go out to those who have followed me, given me hope in hopeless situations, and my 1 goal for this blogg was to reach out to sick fellows and If my pain could help at least one then it would have all been worth it. And I have, so my goal has been reach.
So what will be my next goal??
I was afraid of my honest forthright that some would not like what I had to say, but the truth hearths sometimes even if we don't intend to.
By trying to help others I have helped myself, and I must say thats have surprised me. I think so much about others that even in my darkest hour I would rather help someone else than me.
But doing what comes natural to me, I have given myself the biggest gift : HOPE.
Hope that I might find a weird way to coexists with me many illnesses. A way to have a meaningful life in all tha chaos. To make a difference.
Working for the red cross gave me more than I think I gave them, somethings in this world cant really be bought with money:LIFE EXPERIENCE.
Life experience has made me a young/old women. to much baggage in th wrong place. But we got to work with what we got eh???

So thank you for giving me the strength to write this blogg in my best days,my worst days and all in between.
I have learned so much about humanity, patience, care, compassion and empathy..
My hell has also been a salvation, finding a road in the pitch black dark. would I be me without the worst ting that has happened to me?? I am my biggest obstacle, but also my strongest card.
To use my weaknesses for good and don't let my humanity get the best of me, bur use it to get me out of hell.

I hope my blogg will keep on for years to come, It has become my road map in and out of this hell, and I hope it will be for years to come, This is a lifelong journey, and not just a slope outside the road.
The slope off the road is my way now, it is a little more rural and difficult to navigate, but I have hope that one bumpy road is better than no road!! So I hope you will keep following my slope road into the future

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