Sunday, July 24, 2011

0 Let us love each other, so that the evil in this world will be destroyed by kindness!

A little piece of Norway

The past few days, has been surreal for me. I always thought that Little Norway was safe as we were the country in northern Europe, and that other counties are more likely to get attacked.
Maybe we became terrorist survivors because we do go in between and become mediators and try to make peace.. After all we are the country with the Nobel Peace price!

What Is more apparent is that terrorism isn't a radical Muslim from the middle east. No a terrorist is a "crazy" man with a clear ideology, that can only be done by killing as many as possible.
What I am terrified by is that he could go undetected bye the Police Security Service. If you Google "how to make a bomb" for 200 yours over 2 weeks should raise some safety questions? And then he rents a farms and byes 6 tons of fertilizer- And 2 weapons- why don't they put two and two together?

 Me and my boyfriend discussed this a couple of weeks ago, that if you Google certain things like making a bomb would alert the police, an we talked about getting around it. But the police need to now see that the internett can give you a lot of clues too whether a person can commit a terrorist act.

So we can keep our " open" society, and that skin color, and race is not a an indication to who's will become a terrorist, Hitler was a white guy with blue eyes, and 50 years later its a white guy with blond hair and blue eyes that are terrorizing the Norwegian people again!

Now we have the Norway before 22/7 and after. I hope that we will get an even more socialized country, and a people that will stand together and help one another. I will close with the words of Helle Gammestad :
"If one man can show so much hate, think how much love we can show together"

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