Monday, July 25, 2011

0 Our Terrorist --- But it is our inclusive society

All ore Norwegian terrorist wants is to be heard, that his opinions will be spread, and thats his philosophy will be put in motion.
What I hope is that no one will listen. his trial will be behind closed doors,he will get 21 years and 5 years forvaring ( this is for the most dangerous prisoners, and this can get extended for 5 years, every 5 years, and that means life in prison).

I hope that when he gets to prison is that he will be beaten everyday, and fu&(/ed everyday by a huge guy. And after a while he will be put in isolation for his own protection, and there he has to sit for the rest of his life, knowing that nobody listens to a single word he says! I hope he will feel as small and dispensable as he has tried to!

 And 3 days after, what he wanted are already started to happen, but in a different direction then he wanted. We had a minute of silent for a minute at noon.
And it was so silent in all of Norway, the only thing that was heard was the sound of nature, and its creatures. Norwegians and foreigners are crying together, holding each other, and unifying us as one homogeneous people.
And by being a more open non racist people.
I know I will never judge by color, religion, status or appearances.

I hope that my small country will be seen as beautiful, thoughtful, anti-racist, helpful, peace promotion, humanitarian, conflict resolution people... Because thats how I see all my friends and family

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