Friday, July 29, 2011

0 MY Oslo, My Norway

Today I was is Oslo to look at my city. I also wanted to pay my respect to those 77 people who died, the 100 that got hurt, and all those who lost a spouse, friend, child, sister, mother brother, cousin, grandparents and grandkids.
I feel with everyone who has been affected after this horrible terrorist act and massacre of young kids.
This is my rose as a respect, an empathy to those who are left behind:

This is the enormous mountain of flowers, Flags, and candles. They have had to close down a street. But this craziness gets you to realize how tragic this massacre was!

This Tree headed statue symbolizes for me the man that did this terrible attacks. He is a "normal", "Insane", "nonchalant" attitude afterwards. I hope no one will ever want to hear his version, and that he will be in a isolated cell for the rest of his life.

 One thing is clear, our little nation has come together. its no longer them or us. its Norwegians!

There is a lot of damages to the surrounding buildings

The Prime ministers office was covered in plastic.

The civil defense is visible all over Oslo, Thats not everyday that happens.
 Oslo is covered in flowers and especially red roses. For those of you that don't know that much about Norwegian politics, her is a crash course:
The prime ministers party is the labour party, and their symbol is a red rose. The attacks last Friday was at the labor party's head courters, and the youth organization of the labour party that was on Utøya. And to show our solidarity, we cover the country in roses, and flags that is the biggest nationalistic suggestion one can give to show unity! 
  This is outside our Parliament. And at our Parliament we have a hill that is called lion hill : and at the bottom of this hill is two Lions. 


 This is the wall beside the town hall. people have put flowers in all the cracks and holes in the wall. This looks even more stunning in real life.I was lucky that I didn't now anyone that died. If I had been a teen It would have been more likely that I would have known somebody.
But that doesn't mean that my hearts doesn't bleeds with you. My hearth aces, and I wish I could do more.
I know I am not in a position to help rebuild Utøya, or help in the grief process to those who are still here.
I have always been a girl that helps everyone, and everybody. If someone needed it, I would be there.
And I hope I one day can be there for my friends, family and the kids at red cross Oslo homework help.

Is there something this attacks can do for the Norwegian people is that we need each other, we need everyone, and we need us to be open for our differences, and embrace our right to be free. We have the right to be whatever we want. You can even be a criminal, but that will get you thrown  in jail. But what I have learned over the last week is that even criminals has an honor codex, and they are together with us on the outside in this horrible time.  
I have a dream, and my dream is that we will keep our open society. We will embrace our differences, and we will keep fighting for peace- but in a peaceful way. I dream that we will put down our guns, fly our combat aircrafts home, and drive the humvees back to Norway and honor the lives that has been lost because one man wants an armed revolution. He will not get it! 

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