Thursday, August 25, 2011

0 Esophagus spasms speaks Alex language

I have been to my doctor today (pain clinic), and I am confused... The last 4 months have been about me taking morphine based supplements, and nothing about my real problem.
We did write a angry but fair letter last week, were we stated what we think needs to be done. My last gastro doctor has written to things in my medical journal that he did not want to treat me and said that my treatment was completed.. I thought what the f&/%k??? How can they say that? my spasms are just as real now as they were 12 months ago, or 24 for that matter.

My new pain doctor was just as confused as me. He said: we are going around the bowl, instead of attacking the real problem, you're esophagus.
So he picked up the phone and called a professor in gastrointestinal medicine, who said he would take my case!
I was shocked, I have been fighting for this for over a year now, but why did it have to take this long? If they had belived me that my pain is real, I would have gotten help a long time ago..
He also said that he wasn't to happy with my medication, but he said, instead of a better solution this is what we have to do, and when you're esophagus spasms are treated you wont need the medicine.
Again, wow, this is what I tried to tell my other pain doctor 4 months ago, but he wouldn't listen.
Finally.. somebody that speaks Alex language :)

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