Monday, August 15, 2011

2 Help me live...

Tomorrow is my first day at school, and my first day after changing major.. I am so scared that i wont finish it, and come out on the other side alive and still have a spark in my eyes. I don't want to loose myself, and I feel I will do that if I don't finish my degree.
So if anyone out there reads this, send me you're love, you're courage, hope dreams, I will even accept a prayer if thats what it will take for me to keep living the life i dream of, the life i hope for, the life I fear will take me... please help me..


  1. YOU CAN DO IT. I am still trying to learn norwegian. With pain, meds, and so many hodpitalizations, it is very hard. But this I must learn, even if for only me and to give me satisfaction if accomplishing finishing school. When I have less brain fog and pain i study and do my school work. When I cannot I have no guilt. I can only do what my body allows one day at a time. Why should I be angry or feel guilt? Illness is not on purpose or something I can control. Ask a friend, a family member, or fellow student to help you. Nothing wrong in needing help. :-)

  2. Thats where I came up short.. I just so much of my forces on guilt that it clouded everything else.
    I have always been an over achiever, and I need to do thing right, and when I cant I feel like I am letting myself down.
    I have come to the conclusion that for now I will concentrate on getting some strength back first. School will be there when I am ready, but I am doing it for me, and That means for now, school is on ice, but it wont be forever. I will be a teacher one day.
    I will be because I need to be a teacher, I love to educate, and I have always been a person that knows a lot of different things, and I have been a friend that people can ask me for help if they are stuck..
    I was born to be a teacher, I loved being a skin therapists/make-up artist. so maybe a can combine the both.. or just rock history :)

    Hugs Alex