Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 Lucky after 30????

Have you ever felt like you were destined to be clumsy,unfortunate, almost as if you were under the spell?
I have felt like that my entire life, if something happens it is to me. someone has stolen my credit card twice. I have had burglars in my condo on holiday, and all that he stole was 100 bucks, my phone, my purse(that I latter got back) and half a kit kat.. jum jum.
I have forgotten my phone on the buss, but I got it back, probably because it was a big ugly brick.
When I walk I tend to not see things like glass doors, lights polls, and even walls.. My balance is a joke, and a few weeks ago my sandal got stuck in the road, so my body started one of those embarrassing Bridget Jones scenes, but my mom was quick and was able to grab my arm...
And then my mother in law was suppose to pick me up, I went out to that place and I couldn't see her, I shouted her name several times, and than its time to ring her up, but my phone was dead. dam....
I asked a nice girl if I could use her phone, and see did. I called my boyfriend because he is the only number I now by heart. and he called his mother. she was there, but was waiting in the car, thinking that I would find her... Remember this rule: always charge you're phones battery before you go out...
I thought that if I made it to 30 that my luck would change, my clumsiness, my being in Alex world has not, changed, but maybe my sick days are soon to be over???


  1. What can I help you with? You didnt tell me youre problem, But whatever it is, you can tell me, and I will try and see how I can help!
    Lots of hugs are sent youre way.. Alex