Sunday, May 6, 2012

0 Fight for each other.....

I have met doctors who flat out didn't belive me, and thought it was all in my head... But why has our world become a place where we think people are lying, and that everyone only thinks  of ourselves instead of all of us together.. I wish our society would be more like an ant colony.
Think, then I would already be back to school, because I would have thousands being there fighting side by side from me, instead of just a few..My doctors believed that I dint want to be sick, that I am not faking it, I am not an actor, I hate to lie, but I do have a poker face, I just don't like to use it.
I want people, doctors, friends, family, and nurses to know the real me, the scared out of my pants, angry, frustrated, the girl that wants to belive that there is still some good in this world. Think how much we could have accomplished if we did that for one another????
I would want to live in that world..

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