Wednesday, February 9, 2011

0 Drugs in different shapes, but still the same

I may seem liberal when it comes to drugs and prescription, but I do think that we should go to a doctor to get prescriptions.
I am actually worried that you know can buy Drugs like Voltarol, same as Voltaren (Diclofenac) without a prescription at the pharmacy. Voltarol should only be used for for three days, it says so in the leaflet, but I highly doubt that most people do that.
And I think that the doctors do prescribes Voltaren to much, and for too long.
A couple of years ago, my doctor was sick so she had a substitute doctor, and he actually wanted me to go back on Voltaren because he meant that it was a drug without big side effects.
But is there a drug without side effects out there? You should only take medication if the positive things about using it overcomes the side effects.

But what do really blow my mind away was this e-mail my boyfriend got today. He could buy Codeine 30 mg × 30 Qty for $ 199.00.
But that was not all, they also sell drugs like Xanac, Valium, Adipex, Klonopin, Ambien, Meridia, Imovane, Restoril Codeine, Ultram and Tramadol without prescription.
I know that this is probably a Spam e-mail, but that is not the matter.
What matters is that you do have to check what kind of products you can take home from vacation, and what products you can order.

There was this older women in Norway who orders some DHEA online. She normally got it from her doctor, but because she was ordering glucosamine , she though she would buy DHEA cheap online. But you have to get this on prescription in Norway.
Most of the product at Drugstore.com is probably safe, but you should always be sure. Its not fun getting the police on you're door because you have bought something illegal.

I do think that there should always be a doctor between the patient and medication. Then you know that the different medication is safe to use together, and if you're health is not improving then they can send you to a specialist, or to the hospital.
I am not saying that doctors are perfect, because they are not, but it is a little safer that way. I know I feel safer that I have health care personnel around me.
I know that my doctor has become much stricter with writing out Voltaren. She is also beating herself up because she advised me to have the Nissen Fundoplication. She has also had that surgery, and she also had some big problems afterwards. But she thought it was only her that could get so sick after the surgery.

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