Wednesday, February 16, 2011

0 The Internett..

The internett is a breakthrough in how we communicate with each other. We can buy absolutely everything including drugs. The good thing is that if you are a little shy, or live far from a city you can steel get everything. We read the paper, books, facebook, manuals, twitter,gossip, e-mails and of course blogs.
When I grew up I used to write my inner thoughts in a diary. My place where I could be honest with myself.
Nothing is secret anymore. We share every thought. Well every happy thought.
And with this happy thoughts we must pretend that life always is beautiful, full of love, and that you're partner and children is perfect. Depression, health problems and a normal ups and downs life has become taboo.

Is that what our time has come to? Have we become so shallow, that we need to lie in order to build self esteem? Our home walls have become as high as skyscrapers.
I am no better. My problem is that I have become honest in my blog. But in my everyday life, my line is: " I 'm fine".
And I am not fine, at all, but i hope that I will be someday. And I hope my children will be perfect little devious monsters that I will love with all my heart.
And that my boyfriend will never ask me to marry him, and that I will always regret that we didn't get hitch in Vegas for the price of $39.99, when we had the chance.
But life is just to short for regrets, we can always print out a poster of Vegas and get married in front of that. Someday..

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