Thursday, February 24, 2011

0 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

I am a Norwegian, in every possible way. I love the World Ski Championship.
Okay we Norwegians are not happy if we don't take the gold home. But this year we are at home. And that means that we want all the gold, silver and bronze medals.
If I am in better shape, we will go see the WC this weekend. So I am crossing my fingers.
It is better to see if from home in the worm house and cozy couch. But since my mom made me the WC sweater and headband I do feel I need to make the most of it. Also because it is in Oslo, my hometown. Its not that many chances one get to see this at home.

This is the time that I hate the most when I am sick. I love the winter, and winter sports, and I cant be a part of it. You see everyone typing in facebook that they are going to see the medal ceremony or see the different WC events. It hurts that I cant be a part of it.

But again I am hoping.
That is the only thing I have left, and I am keeping it!

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