Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 Lyrica®

I wanted to share a little of my experience with Lyrica, witch is used for treating neuropathic pain and a anticonvulsant drug . The active substance in Lyrica is Pregabalin.
In my place they hope that it will take the esophagus spasms.

The first two weeks I felt like I was sober trapped in a insanely drunk body. When I was talking nice and understandably in my head, but outside, to the rest of the world, I think they though that the hospital was giving me heroin or something. And I couldn't have walked on a strait line to save my life! My mom actually had to pick up my old winter shoes, because I couldn't manage to walk with a little heel. And for those of you that don't know me, I am the queen of heels..

But once I got through those first weeks, It was a little smoother sailing. But it took about 3 weeks before the big side effects wore of. I guess Lyrica is like a lot drugs against depression. The side effects comes first and the effect first after a couple of weeks.
I am not sure how effective they are, but if I didn't take them any more, maybe I would have felt it then.
I had the same thought about Neurontin last year, but when I stopped taking them for 2 weeks, my lung scar and  the inside of my chest started to really hurt.

So of you and you're doctor decides that Lyrica is the drug for you, clear the schedule for 2 weeks, because its gonna feel like a long binge drinking trip!


  1. My friend has been taken lyrica medicines since last few years. It helps him to treat epilepsy and he is fine now. He always buy lyrica from genericlyrica.net and believe me it is genuine and very affordable pharmacy I never seen before.

  2. medication works very differently to people
    maybe it works on epilepsy but not on esophageal spasms.
    but is good it works on epilepsy
    I think you have a great blog that I must read everyday:)

  3. I am glad you must read my blog :) And I am also glad that you're friend is fine thanks to Lyrica. That its what is good about drugs, they can make you "healthy".
    The bad thing is that it may not work on another. I guess biology is to blame.
    I have written about this older women who bought drugs from the internett, and got jail time for it.
    And in my case, the government pay for it, so it is very nice deal for me ;)
    hugs Alex