Friday, September 21, 2012

0 Few shouldn't fight alone, or be left alone!!

I read this article that a girl who had gotten Cancer, said that since she saw this as a national disease,and  that everyone should get operated within a day, because the wait was the hardest.
I thought not having a diagnosis is the worst , closely after post op pain, chemo, and radiation treatments??
The other thing was that this should be top priority because so many got Collen cancer a year.approximately 3600  in Norway alone, and on top of that came family and friends, the whole network is affected.
I will say that with the patient alongside the network and the Cancer Society, thats a lot of people fighting you're fight.

I dare to say that a person with an unknown or rare disease or mutation needs more backing. No one will fund research
for one person, thats not a good business sense, and the Health Minister will not have that illness on top priority.
But if you can get 10.000 constituency to vote for you, that will be worth while for the labour party!
Kampevold also says that we need to educate more doctors and nurses, but we need the good ones, not those who do it for status, or money, but because they have a burning desire to help people. TO DO NO HARM!
But the government does try to do this even though she says no. Because my sister just finished a 11/2 year of specializing in cancer treatment, and the Norwegian government pain her entire tuition. Thats what I call funding into saving more life's, and giving nurses a good specialized education!

In now way do I say that cancer is a disease that you should hope for, but it is one of the diseases that are research the most, oppose to other diseases. I think that every disease should be treated the same.
To begin with, belive the patient, they know their body.
Second, see the patient, talk to them, and give them a realistic hopeful outcome. No one will fight if they don't have anything to fight for.
Third, fast treatment, means less sick days = money saved. Restoring health will cost more the longer the illness get to ravage the body and the mind = less money used in aftercare!

Whats wrong with you shouldn't matter, everyone needs to be met with understanding, empathy, professionalism, realistic outcome, and help to deal with a new situation.
We need to stop discriminating against disease.
Either it is Orthopedics, Oncology, Psychiatry, Infectious diseases, digestive disorders or cardiothoracic. It sucks either way.
I still have yet to meet anyone who wants to be sick, and who thrive in health queues and bad treatments, have you???

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