Monday, September 10, 2012

0 Naive or hurt or poetic ?

Have you ever had one of those days? weeks? Where everything seems impossible??
In Norway we say its getting out of bed on the wrong leg.....

So when do we use it? When someone is sad, angry, hurting, hormonal, stressed, tired, or all of the above?
For me its when I am in a melancholy haze. Everything seems just out of reach. And yet reality punches you in the face!
But still hope is there, flouting around, waiting to get a hold of you, and you know that when it does, reality want seem so harsh. Sometimes its almost poetic.

When I was younger, and I had those days, I would write poems and paint. I loved how I could make something grim into a abstract art that made me feel peace..
And isn't that the true value of art? emotions?
When you are in you're teens you have this romantic abstract way of looking at the world, something naive, beautiful, yet rebellious. And we need them to get to our true self, to find what makes us tick, love, and to find our passion!!

So Is one of those days, the day who hate, or the day you know you are about to discover something beautiful about yourself??

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