Monday, September 17, 2012

0 Why medicate, if not propaply??

My sense of my world is going into turmoil.. My transdermal patches wont sit properly on my skin and do its job. It falls of more times than I can count, and I have tried everything to get it to fasten.
But when I but a plastic film over all it does is mask the problem so when I take it on, only the plastic sits tight on my skin.
I have also been to the State University Hospital, to get another adhesive to try and
make it to stick, but useless.

What pisses me of even more is that when I got Durogesic© the generic one this wasn't a problem, but because the government wants to save money I have to use the none generic version, or pay 1500 kr a month extra. I think that is so bull. I can only get the generic one if I get an allergic reaction to it.
But why get it in the first place when it wont stick?
And my doctor wanders why I use so much Ketogan©at the moment?? hello, why do you think I do that? because I am in that much more pain, and I can feel my hole body is going through a weird wibe, Its like it is fighting because I don't get the pain medication I need, and then I get what I need, and then we are back to nothing again.

It is frustrating, that money is the only thing our government things about, not the quality of treatment, and quality of life
But thats the life of the underdog, you lose some, and then you loose some, and after a while you loose some more... when can I get a home-run for once? just one...

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