Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 Catapresan®

Catapresan is suppose to be really good against withdrawal pain, and making reduction more manageable.
What they didn't tell is that this was used in the 50 s as a miracle drug against high blood pressure, but because of all the side effects they stopped using it.
In the 90s they saw that is could be used when coming of a narcotic drug..
I have been of it for 3 months and already I can feel that my dizziness, and feeling like I am going to faint has almost disappeared.
I know we belive in our doctors and that they want what is best for us, but sometimes I feel like they are withholding vital information about treatment, side effects and prognoses for a diagnoses


  1. Then tell them the truth. Let them know the truth.
    One day my doctor and nurse came in my room in the hospital. They were snickering at me. The dr said, so I hear you want more pain meds. But yet we see you out of your room smiling and laughing. I replied...
    That is who I am. In private I cry. In public I smile. If I was a drug seeker would it not be opposite? Would I not put on an act and cry, moan, complain for all to see? Instead I refuse whether you help with my pain or not, to EVER put on an act in attempt to get pain meds. I will be an adult and come to you to ask for help in private. Either way you are still mistaken. I had a bad night last night and used my limit of pain meds. I am only asking for more doses just for today and then I can start over tomorrow at regular schedule. If I want more or increase then my request would have been to meet with pain clinic doctor this morning and not you.
    They both looked at me. He then said...
    Yes true. You would be walking around out of your room ACTING in pain.
    He authorized nurse to give me more for the day. He now is beginning to get to know the real me better.
    Keep talking Alex!!!! HUGS

  2. Thats one sunshine story :=)...It should be like that. We all respond to pain differently.. If you show pain, not show it, smile, cry, beg, pray, collapse, keep going.. That should all be tolerated equally..
    My pain doctor once told me that a high pain threshold isn't real. The more pain you have been through, the less pain you can tolerate. And that is the case for me. my body is in overdrive, and sometimes only touching my skin hurts..

    But I understand where you are coming from. You wont let you're pain control you, and I am jealous that you are able to do that. I hope I one day will be as strong as that :)
    How are you're recovery coming along ?? are you home from the hospital??
    What kind of surgery did you went through this time??
    I have read about you're illness and it sounds like a painful disease. Even my boyfriend read about it on his own initiative and said that that sound like a horrible life sentenced illness.. I send you my warmest thoughts, and hugs... Alex