Monday, September 19, 2011

2 My Future

My dream for the future is to yet again see the future, and dream of the future.
Not to look back at all the hard past that has been my life until now..
Life should be a ocean of possibilities, but all I see is sinking boat, with no means to escape.
All I can do is fight as hard as I can until I have no strength left, an maybe I can see a shoreline in the distance... The future is in front of me, I pray I have it in me to get there!


  1. YOU HAVE IT IN YOU TO REACH THE SHORELINE. You do that everyday. Stop looking back honey. It is not the role of the driver to look in rear view mirror. You must drive your life looking forward. Picture what you want in the road ahead and you surely will find solutions to get there.
    The only one stopping you is yourself. A blind man sees the music and allows his fingers to make it come out as sound on a piano. A person without hearing hears things we cannot. A person who gives up becomes a bystander. A person who keeps aiming for the shoreline will reach it everyday. You have not drowned trying yet and I suspect as I keep reading your blog to catch up to today's date will prove to us both you are still swimming. :-) Hugs

  2. I thinks thats the comment of the week. Thank you.
    You are so right. I need to stop crying and morn over what I have lost, and start to see what I can have, because I don't want to loose out of possibilities because I was blinded by my past...
    I am getting help with this from a psychologist, and I am optimistic that I can find a happy place, inside my little world.
    Thanks for inspiring words..
    Hugs Alex