Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 happy fairy to the Norwegian female Thor!

Yesterday, I was so fortunate that I found a doctor that sees my problem as a physiological, and not emotional.
I have no problem with it being a mental issue, what I resented is that they did so with no examination to back up their theory, with it being a mental one.
But thats not what todays story is all about.
No my story today has to do with my doctor sending me to a regional hospital for treatment of my esophagus spasms, but I am not even in the pool of those who need treatment within a giving date, however I could expect to be treated before June 2012!

How sick is that? If I don't need quick treatment, then who does?? Does it really come down to how good requisition you're doctor writes? Or if you know the right people?This is messed up. We should have a system where all health care professionals could get into our medical journal so they can see who really needs it, and not how much you're doctor exaggerate and makes a few embellishing remarks. Then they could get a clear picture of the medical problem and history!

I am mad, so mad that I think I am starting to grow horns out of my forehead. I am sick of those who shout out the loudest get treated first. I hate myself for beginning to manipulate doctors, because thats the only way too get help. Why cant we trust in the fact that no one wants to be sick, exception MBPS, self harming, etc, but this are also illnesses, and I don't think they want to be sick anymore then the rest.
Either you are sick, or you aren't, thats how easy it should be. and it should never be about doubting the patient, trust me we doubt our-selfs all the time, why do you doctors think that so many of us are on anti-depressants??


  1. To be fair...
    I have spent up to 5 months straight as an inpatient and I see many drug addicts, drug seekers, self harmers. I understand the doctors reasons for doubting all patients.
    If you have documented proof of an illness that the medical community knows IS in fact painful, severely....then treat, cure or help the patient to manage the illness. It should NOT BE they refuse a good quality of life by withholding the pain meds.
    I have a habit of every appt to bring in my boxes of pain meds to show proper safe use and not abuse. Perhaps that is now why I have their trust and resepts to refill when I need. HUGS

  2. I understand that.. What concerns me if they don't find an answer, does that mean you are a drug seeker??
    Or maybe you have a rear illness that they haven't found yet?
    They were really hard in the beginning with me because they didn't understand what was happening to me.. I was in so much pain, but they didn't find out, because they didn't have the instruments to find out what was wrong..

    And for long time I felt the eyes on me, the girl who shouldn't be sick, and a lay several nights awake because the night nurse wouldn't get me drugs for my pain because she thought I was faking it... One night me best friend came up after her shift and yelled at the nurses that this was unacceptable.. I was is so much pain that they were shocked that I wasn't given any.. The nurse said she was busy, and I complained for no reason. And of course, she was not reprimanded because she has more rights that me as a patient..

    I am scared if our society are so afraid of those few that exploits the system, so that those who are really in pain doesn't get help...

    My sister got hospitalized a few years back, they didn't find anything that needed emergency surgery, and claimed it was psychological abdominal pain. I asked the doctor how can that be when she has blood in her urine, he had no good answer and basically threw her out of the hospital in the middle of the night. If it was psychological, shouldn't he send her for a psych eval??
    Anyway my mom called our family doctor who called the doctor and demanded him to take her back. He actually confessed that the reason he threw her out was because they had no more beds available.. The result the next day showed that she had gotten dairy allergy that results in massive abdominal pain..

    Just because there aren't any diagnosis, doesn't mean that there aren't anything wrong.. They just haven't found it yet!