Wednesday, September 14, 2011

0 I want to function down under

I was so happy in may when I finally got my period.
But since then It has been very quite down under.. But there is nothing wrong with my hormones, ovaries, uterus...
So then the question is? is it because I am stressed? poor general health? wrong diet? no exercise? gain weight, lost weight?
Or have I simply reached  menopause at the age of 30?

When it comes to the human body,
and especially my body, I don't think that much works. Its like I am trading into a worse model each year. No matter how I play my cards, life slaps me in the face every day, week, months and year. I cant remember the last time something went my way? that really  improved my life, and not an easy fix that threw me back to start after a few months...
So today, I am back on contraceptive patch(Evra), so maybe that can jump-start my system or give me high blood pressure, become overweight, migraine,acne, spasms in other parts of my body, and not only in my esophagus, fatigue,aggression or some of the other 200 possible side effects that this patch can give.
Why do we think drugs are so fantastic? I think the side effects of the drugs are worse than the disease itself..
Do I want to argue with the devil, or tango with him??

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